Well before the idea of starting the Agro-tourism venture, we have been living the concept of ‘Responsible Element’ in the eco system by Practising ORGANIC and Nature friendly FARMING , ECOLOGICALLY sensitive PLANT PROPAGATION and DEMONSTRATING SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE MEANS OF LIVELIHOOD be it in the field of farming, food processing or Agro-tourism. Guests from far and wide having diverse profiles and backgrounds including Farmers, students, nature enthusiasts and nature lovers, scientists and environmentalists of international repute, chefs and foodies, urban farmers, landscaping and gardening professionals and many more have been visiting and experiencing unique hospitality at Amrutes’ Nisarga Sahavas.

Integrated farming and tourism activities have proved to be an ideal example for many, especially for farmers for making farming an attractive venture when synergistically coupled with Agro-tourism and other ancillary farming activities. This has proved to be a role model for many and more examples can be seen with mushrooming of such enterprises in Konkan belt of Maharashtra…..With a sense of duty, belongingness and responsibility towards our Mother Nature, fellow villagers and our customers……we were not required to make any extra efforts in the area of Responsible Tourism.

One can get to feel this as soon as he enters our farm and Nisarga Sahavas.

  • The natural contours and steps provided by nature are kept intact while making road and access in the cottages.
  • The area for parking vehicles is kept away from the cottages with a view to minimising sound and air pollution. Internal roads and accesses too are designed keeping the existing trees, shrubs and creepers intact. Additional trees planted are thoughtfully selected, that would attract birds, ants, spiders, bees and butterflies. The chirping of birds one gets to hear throughout the year; is not a matter of co-incidence, but an outcome of very thoughtfully planted trees, shrubs and creepers.
  • Various methods of soil and water conservation is an on-going regular activity at our farm. This includes gully plugging, continuous contour trenching (C.C.T.), terracing and so on. This has not only benefited our farm but also the entire village, which can be seen by the ever rising levels of our wells.
  • Here at Nisarga Sahavas, we have a strong commitment of a development strategy that assures INCLUSIVE GROWTH of each factor in the eco system simultaneously. The local youth is trained in various aspects of hospitality such as Housekeeping, Food & Beverage production & Service, front office etc. Due care is taken to keep them free to attend to their routine farming activities.
  • The farm produce in the farm of rice, nachni, little millet (vari), various pulses, fruits, and vegetables are procured from the villagers and offered to our guests, thereby providing a bridge between rural and urban economies. In fact, agro produce locally grown or processed by various Women’s Self Help Groups in Dapoli taluka are provided a platform by Nisarga Sahavas besides In-house processed Agro products which are sold at the fresh and processed products sales counter.
  • Use of earthen utensils, bio degradable dishes and spoons made from leaves of Arecanat, Wooden furniture, use of Fossil fuel by way of wood shavings for cooking food and heating water for bathing, are the various steps towards eco-friendly way of life. Use of local organic body and hair wash material which includes Ritha, Shikakai Hair powder and body powder (utane) too make our guests feel special.
  • A major task has been reviving the folk arts and cultural activities including the Jakhdi form of dance which otherwise was getting overshadowed and lost by modern day dance forms.
  • Authentic local dishes with traditional taste are served to our guests. These dishes have become our unique feature. The dishes such as Pohe, Ghavan, Thalipeeth, Dhirde, sweets like Puranpoli, Modak & Aamras make our guests visit us again and again.
  • Serving any beverages irrespective of their brands, where artificial flavours & colours are used are strictly avoided. Instead, fresh fruits, fresh juices and sharbats of Kokam, Cashew, Mango, Awala, Karonda etc. are served to the guests, which indirectly promotes their use. During season, Jack Fruit chips, freshly prepared at our farm are offered to our guests.
  • A major task has been reviving the folk arts and cultural activities including the Jakhdi form of dance which otherwise was getting overshadowed and lost by modern day dance forms. These are regularly organised for visitors involving local troupes and performed by fellow village folk.